Quite the Day

  1. 1BBA2106-ECB4-42D6-A11A-34E6C1E9D57B15ECEBAB-4A20-4928-B128-2873EF4BD5AAWhat a day it was today!  Very steep incline , down a wee bit then another sharp incline…..then the downward journey it was all boulders, stones and very loose pebbles not to mention the stone sticking out of the path.  We found the day difficult but did walk 6 hours but only got just over 10k accomplished.  Had a lovely sit down and a wee drinkie, and now a well deserved shower.  Tomorrow I think we will treat ourselves and have our backpacks sent on.
  2. We traveled from Vescarreta to Zubiri

May 4th

  • 8C05CBDE-452A-4134-B17D-22EDD55C88A6.jpegCrossing the stepping stones at rio Erro just before Viscarreta.  We had our lunch by the river and meet some really nice folks, a couple of guys were from Ireland, in fact one took this picture.  Tomorrow we are off to Zubiri.


A13A570F-77AE-48C0-8F20-AA713CC2F55EJust an easy, compared to the last couple of days, walk to Espinal.  The rain came down, the wind howled but we got through and seen some lovely horses with their foals running in the field.  Have a wash in the dryer so all is good

Second day

2CA6A49D-A7EA-4B37-9A20-82506AE3A3AEArrived at Roncesvalles, we thought our first day was bad try 10 hours, exhausted does not cover it, but we did it.  The first thing we did was take our boots off and free the old tootsies.  Lovely meal and right to ded.

Out first day

5720EB9C-6A48-4C6F-92C5-38CA8C179C8DFrom St Jean Pied de Port to Orisson, most people take around 2 1/2 to 3 hours, it took us 5 hours just as well we were not in a race.  We still don’t know how we did it but we did.  It was hard uphill all the way and one part was very muddy and stony.  While at Orisson we encountered many people and and a lovely time.

May 1st

53A105FA-0567-4C00-8643-CE7A717F498EPicture taken outside our hotel room, ready to go.  The weather seems quite nice not to cold.  We are a wee bit nervous as seemingly today is the worst day…but we are up for it and looking forward to what is ahead.  Will update when we get to Orisson, all being well and we have internet there.

We Leave Paris

Today we leave Paris for St Jean Pied de Port.  We still do not have hats, but hope to get them in St Jean.  Out train leaves Paris at around 4 today and does not get into St Jean until around 10:30 tonight.  Tomorrow we will get our Camino passport and check out what we need to do and where to start May 1st.

I had done some more blogs and thought they were published but alas no, so rather than publish them all I just published a couple (first and last) I think I know how it goes now.  You will know if you get this one.

Our journey Begins

We are getting ready to start our journey tomorrow.  We leave at around 9:00 am, drive the Edinburgh to drop the car off at Carolyn’s.  Bus from there into the city, bus to Glasgow, then a but to Glasgow airport.

The 26th we fly out to Paris at 10:40.  Spending a couple of days in Paris.

Keep an eye on this blog for daily up-dates throughout our journey.