Day after Rest

B8F6A022-9E73-41FE-AF75-343203D18DDF4D0538DF-8BFF-490C-BEBB-0D0EC05E4164We had a very lazy day yesterday, which was much needed.  We did, however, go out to the bar for a drink and that drink was OJ, believe it or not.  While we were there a lovely family befriended us for a while and gave us some bread and charitzo, really tasty.

After our well needed day off we headed out this morning on a wee walk to Azofra.  The weather was nice and we had a good walk, though doubt if we could have gone much more.

Now who said Ronnie and I are a bit overweight we are just shadows.  Could hardly believe it when the sing post said only 581 to go, so we have done over 200k wow!!!

The last few days

AFC37C99-C771-43CA-ADAC-8113B10E63E4EFBE64B0-F27C-4AEA-BE9E-C5BE935B29D9Don’t really remember where I left off but think it was when we were in Viana, from there our journey took us through what we thought was going to be a wee village called Ermita de la Trinidad de Cuevas,  well all it was, was a Church, coffee truck and a picnic area.  Bit sad for us as we had only had a banana for breakfast thinking we would get breakfast there, on we go the the next, what we thought was a wee village “Cruce/La Rioja”.  We should have known from the last name “Cruse”, anyway La Rioja is the district.  So we arrived in Logrono.

Feeling bad as we were we decided to have our bags sent on especially since it was going to be a long walk.  Talk about a comedy of errors, they misplaces out bags in another location with a similar name.  We did finally get them.  Our journey from Logrono through Pasarela, Parquue de la Grajera, Altode la Grajera the last two having beautiful views then into the town of Navarrete.  We had done 12.7k and just fell into bed

From Naverrete we journed another 10.5k most of which was up hill to Najera, really gruelling days for us and ended at the Doctors to find we both have bronchitis so tomorrow is a day off taking antibiotics.  We will start again on Monday but will do three short journeys over Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

All being well I will feel more like taking pictures as the last three days it felt like an effort to get the phone out.  Did get a couple though




All three days (14,15,16)

330FFEF4-2AAD-494D-8C0E-7CA562C4F41D20C7D97B-95D2-4766-ACAF-25AF81DDA7B70AFAFCD2-DD2B-4648-8879-A1D31E511F639CBA6E5F-D98B-4652-80ED-C560782075D4Leaving Estella we traveled in the cold, windy, drizzly weather.  Out first stop was at a forge where the guy did everything be hand, some lovely stuff.  Right next to him was Fuente del Vino,  I only put a dribble in the bottle for Ronnie to tast.  There was also Aqua so we filled our water bottles.  On through a nice wee villages, called Irache, Azqueta, Villamayor de Monjardín and then  onto what we thought was our bed for the night.  NOW silly us we thought we had booked into an hostel in a place called Cruce, which is not a village just a water fountain.  So we carried on and by 17.5k we were both done, I was feeling worse than ever.  God places people in misterious spots an up popped a mobile cafe with the owner closing up.  Eduardo gave us water and oranges and called a cab to take us the remaining 6k to Los Arcos. Did not even change,  pulled out sleeping bag and right into it.

Yesterday traveled through Sandol, Torres del Rio,  and into Viana.  By the time we reached Visnna I had to go to see the Doctor.  I really don’t know what I have but have just slept since getting here.  The mecication seems to be working so today is definitely a day off.  Tomorrow we are only going to do 8k

All is well with us, life is good

May 12th

267D6367-3113-47EF-A9C7-69EA158EFFE312C29CD2-65DF-4367-8512-626598D8EE6AWe left Lorca walking to Villatuerta where there was the statue of Saint Veremundo outside the Church, it also had a lovely water fountain, but sadly was not working.

Walking  on to Estelle where we walked through the old town and into the new which is seperated the Saint Nicholas Gate.

Silly me got a head cold, with sore throat so we decided to take a day off in Estelle

May 11th

9BECFE59-2665-4F78-80DE-0A4C3AA11C10313465DF-91A5-4B22-A21E-59B7602EAE9FOn May 11th we leftPuenta La Reina, crossing over the famous Queen’s Bridge, along the road to Maneru.  There we cane across a man squeezing fresh oranges from the back of his car with a manual squeezer.  The juice was lovely and very refreshing. Through the town past the graveyard and lovely vineyards.  We then keep going and arrive at Cirauqui with its beautiful Church.  We left the village through an arch and out onto Roman road and over a Roman bridge.

along the way we came to a spot that said to ring the bell so you could feel the vibration.  Walking along the Roman road we came across an Olive Garden, just past is a place of reflection and tranquility.  There for a donation you could get coffee, water, fruit, etc.  That is also where the sing was for the distance to Santiago.

May 9th

7A14118D-5E72-4889-B58A-6878EF785FD3Yesterday we were going to have a day off and stay in Pamplona but decided to walk a wee bit just 5k to Cizur Menor, by the Church of San Miguel.  We had a lovely time with some of the pilgrims chatting outside the dormitories.

Today we set of at 7:00 arriving at Zariguiegui and visited the Church of St. Andrew, beautiful.  After spending an hour there having a wee bit of lunch we continued on up to the summet, but before that we stopped by the ancient spring of Gambellacos.  A final climb and we reached the summit.  For those who have watched “The Way” you will recognise the statues. Really rough taraine down to Uterga where we are spending the night.

Walking Day 7

CF5AFF9A-E67B-4C37-B2C8-F077A73A570731E26AEF-BEB6-4BF5-825C-E3D1A4D48BDDOn our way we came across a nice wee site perfect for gnomes, so I had to take a picture of Ronnie since he is a wee genomie.  We walked over a couple of rolling hills though still very stony.  Then 3 1/2k through the towns of Puente de Arre and Barlada.

The picture of me is by the famous pilgrim bridge Puente De Magdalena, which takes you into Pamplona.

Sunday May 6th

5EDA80C8-7D98-461E-853D-693599E34F1FThis picture was taken by Neil, he is trying to restore The Abbey of Eskerols and Ilarratz, the Parish Church of Santa Lucia.  We had a lovely 1/2 hour blether with him very interesting.  Some of the other sites we seen along the way were beautiful wild orchids, 20 caterpillars walking along head to tail, it actually looked like one unless you looked closely.

We left Larrasoana just after 8:00 this morning walking through many small villages into Basque Country walking to Zuriain, where we had sent our luggage but alas the hostel was closed today and they sent our backpacks on another 3 1/2k to Zabaldika to the Albergue Monastery.  Beautiful spot but what a climb up from the road only 250m especially since we were just about done by the time we got to the road.  We could have walked up the steep drive but we decided to go the pilgrims way.

Tomorrow we head for Pamplona.