May 31st

0BB5D16E-B803-40E5-B02C-4603848CE19EThe journey out today, only 10k but the 1.5k up the steep hill was quite something.  From 750m to 900m, it was a slow but sure climb. After a short flat walk the decent started, very steep, then flat onto Itero de la Vega.  At the top of the hill was a welcome rest area, after walking down and along we arrived at a bridge where the water was actually orange, I think this is caused by the red earth.

1/3 of the way

img_0682img_0684Today we are 30 days into our 90 day journey.  To celebrate we decided to do a 21k walk.  So from Hornillos del Camino we traveled to San Bol, only thing there is an Albergue there is a well there that is said to have healing powers, we did not see it. On into Hontanas, a nice village and a welcome cup of tea.  Past San Anton there the road goes through the ruin of Convent of San Anton.  The archway is called St, Anthony’s.  4 more k to go and we arrive in Castojeriz Plaza Mayor where we stayed, a very welcome shower and rest.

You will notice the top picture and the ks to go.  This was as we we were leaving Hontanas.  We are under 500 to go…..yaaaaaaa!!!

May 29th

img_0670img_0674Leaving Tardajos we traveled To Rabe de las Calzada, where the nuns open a lovely wee Chapel.  The nun actually gives you a personal blessing and a wee metal medallion.  It was so lovely.  On past the Fuentes de Praotorre, a nice rest area. We arrived at Harnillos del Camino, where we sat and had a great visit with the locals and other pilgrims.  Around 5:30 the sky’s opened up and we had a great storm.  We were nice and comfy in the bar/restaurant.  The picture of Ronnie is him coming out of the hostal we were staying at.

May 28th

Now the above is a Bacardi and Coke…very much enjoyed by us both. Today our journey went from Burgos to Tardajos through flat land all the way. We were to pass through Villalbilla (a suburb of Burgos) but due to ongoing road works we were detoured so did not see it. I can now say between yesterday and today I have seen nigh near all of Burgos. If you like Churches that is definitely the place to go.

Today, our baby boy’s, boy’s birthday

790C618F-1413-4179-B2EF-E20B3E369B20A717A2A4-C885-4410-822E-29B5BD0149B3So what can we say about today…. the walk was 12k from Villafranci to San Juan de Ortega.  I was very worried that I could not do 12k with no toilet, so we dcidd to get the bus to San Juan.  Have no idea what happened but no stop in San Juan and the next thing we knew we were in The big city of Burgos.  Now having said all this we were expecting to walk from San Juan to Cardenuela Riopico, but this did not happen, due to the bus not stopping.  So please forgive us the few k’s not walked, we will go on from here.

Mind you we walked throughout Burgos for miles, seeing the sites and looking for someplace to stay the night at a reasonable cost, found one eventually. ( I also got lost in the city, which did not help)

Look at the pub I am sitting at, six nations rugby, Scottish pub.  Love the pictures of Ronnie peeking under the arm of the policeman







you we walked miles throughout



May 26th

Quite the day today, started off cool but dry, about on hour and a half into our walk down cane the rain. A couple of hours later out came the sun and cool wind

Walked from Belorado to Villafranca passing through Tosantos, Villamvistia and Espinosa del Camino

Seen a nice couple of BBQ picnic area’s on the way.  Gradual incline with a few dips here and there.  Very steep into the town

Thought you might like to see me all kited out for the rain7F21C36A-81B2-47C6-87F6-40A8D271EAF9

May 25th

4739EFA7-8C63-4FB4-927C-A3EA7B268407F72EF5B7-DAEC-413D-84DA-A75F27E0BDE0Today was a wet,wet day. The rain came down and did not let up.  We left Castildelgado, in the rain and apart from going 2k through Victoria de la Rioja, we walked along the highway through Villamayor del Rio onto Belorado.  Not even some nice flowers to look at.

Upon entering Belorado you will see the Church which has 3 stork nests on the top with some young storks.  You may have to zoom in to the picture to see them.

May 24th

5947BBA6-D22C-4DA3-8E9A-73061F4C8F8F8022FC4A-439E-4801-AD48-AC9373E0C769Our journey today took un from the La Rioja area into Castilla y Leon.  Half of our journey was walking beside the highway the rest was fields.  Did pass through two nice wee villages, the first Granon then Redecilla del Camino and into Castildegado, where we are staying.

Just had to put this one of Ronnie in.

23rd May

Sorry no pictures today, the internet is just tooooo slow to upload.  Journed from Ciruena to Santo Domingo de la Calzada through rolling fields.  Took us a lot shorter time than thought.  Tomorrow we will get back to normal walking as both of us feel so much better.

Santo Domingo is a lovely town and the Cathedral is something to see,

May 22nd

4AC3F262-6EB9-4CE4-A34B-07141572B223 So our walk today took us out of Azofra and we passed this ancient marker, you will notice there is another ancient item in the picture,  yes that is Ronnie not a genomie.

The journey was very basic and we had a nice wee lunch at the top on the hill before proceeding to Ciruena, booked into the Albergue…what a shock, we are trying  to conserve funds but this place is right up there with the “Bates Hotel”…no PJ’s tonight, and definitely no shower,663DDA0E-A9E8-4C7D-AB22-9013D5D47C3F up and out first thing.  The picture really does not do it justice.