June 12th

A760E2FF-1849-47E4-87F8-D68F815E27B3We met a lovely gentleman from Montreal, Canada today at Santo Catalina after walking a very easy, gradual walk from Astorga.  It was great to speak to someone who was walking the Camino for the fourth time and he gave us so much good advice.  Jean was such a gentleman and also gave a very generous donation to Dementia Research.  People like Jean make this walk, and the difficult moments worth the time and effort we are making…..Thank you Jean.

June 11th

20FCA630-BD14-4958-9F18-B0B3E266B08333AAF3F4-80F7-4CDE-AA98-CDE802FCA4B1The walk today took us up and down quite a few times for 6k, then we reached the high place where you are welcome to partake of anything, fruit, coffee, cookies, etc. this is not a shop but a rest area.  If you want to make a donation that is up to you.  I had my picture taken with the guy who runs it, really nice man.  The rest of the journey was pretty flat.  Then you come across this cross and see two towns in the background, the foreground being San Justo de la Vega and at the back you see Astorga.  It doesn’t look too far but it is another 4 1/2k away.  Entering Astorga all is well…then the hill up past the Church, oh my goodness at that point I could have done without it, but onward and upward.  The Palace and the Cathedral are beautiful buildings.

Tomorrow starts the assent the the highest point, I should reach that on Thursday, so a good night sleep is definitely in order.

June 10th

B734BBCC-47A4-4691-B67E-8A89B89D83FE4D3D5110-7A46-4C9E-AC51-206A765115E2Yesterday was quite the day in Hospital de Orbison, we seen a parade (first picture) then a wedding reception where they laid out a long string attached to lots of sticks that were the bangers (second picture).  Quite the loud bangs and lots of smoke.

Today just a small walk in the pouring rain through Villares de Orbigo and onto Santibanez de Valdeiglesia.  Main reason was it has to be a wash clothes day and especially our jackets, they had only been washed once before…quite disgusting.  Roll on one hour until our jackets are done, really quite cold.  Our jackets are our only source of warmth, so sitting in t-shirts in the cold and rain.

June 9th

84837D05-2BB3-428A-9A58-D887D2511449LD2786966-B012-4501-9E90-CA7D79DB9986So the path started out as you see above from Villadangos into the village of SAN Martin del Camino.  We crossed the road as the path was now on the other side of the road.  The path became very narrow about a foot wide, muddy with brush on each side.  Really needed to be careful of legs, arms and face.  Then it opened up into a wide farm road,  walking on you arrived in Hospital de Orbigo walked a wee bit through town and look what you saw, absolutely fabulous.

June 7th and 8th

DB8F579C-0B82-401C-9A21-B46C89FB7CB076A2BADD-404B-42D6-B8E3-A74D72321AB8The best thing we did was take the bus in and out of Leon, (thank you Anne) the road construction is quite intense and the route is very busy.  We arrived in Leon early yesterday and stayed quite late today so we seen most of the wonderful sites.  One on the things that really stood out was the difference between the Cathedral and the everyday Chapel.  I have put a picture of both in.  We had a really nice time walking the city and seeing everything.  We are now in Villadangos del Paramo.  Walked through the village, nice place.

June 6th

E77B32AB-9189-4DD4-AA72-0D76541F515EE69E8BA7-3A91-4F9E-A7BF-2C0AEC11AF23So this was quite the day, our journey from Sahagun to El Burgo Ranero, where that funny picture of the building, which we do not know what it is for,  not much to see as it was all along the highway and the railway.  Anyway I sort of slipped and landed on my behind.  A really nice lady called an hostal and would you believe the owner got in his car and came and picked us up!!, I an absolutely fine just a wee bit sore, but will be fine after a nice shower and a nights sleep

We are in Mansilla de las Mulas.  The journey to León tomorrow, it is advised, also in the book, to take the bus as the traffic can be very dangerous.  This is something we will think about. (18k so we will see what we feel tomorrow)

Today June 5th

FFC2BC84-3ABB-4732-9399-DC90CF1D7A716016ABAA-FA2F-44B0-A740-0E9A1A96AC41From Terradillos de los Templorios walked just 12k to Sahagun, what an interesting city so much history.  As there is in all the wee villages and cities we have been in.  The walk did not have a lot to see, a few wee ups, not so many downs.  Through a couple of wee villages then onto Sahagun.  Walked around the city lots to see, look at the gargoyles under the set I an sitting on


have a lit

June 3rd

FFEDF145-D6FA-447D-9585-B16FA88CC53260CD1948-ABFC-4034-ABBA-28A5358B91ECToday we decided to have a day off and oh! boy we could not have chosen better.  It was the festival of Corpus Christi, in Carrion de los Condes.  All the streets in the main part of town were made out of flower carpers, then a great parade followed by a very short Church service.  We just seemed to be in the right part of town at the right time.  We have had our meal, so off now back into town to have a nice relaxing evening drink before bed.

June 1st and 2nd

D2289506-3E41-4173-A6CC-C728A449618A1C8F7786-7AC0-4243-8981-97F0E0C9798ENot much to tell you about the walk the last couple of days.  From Itero de la Vega the walk took us to Boadilla del Camino, and that is where the well was there you turn the large wheel quite hard and for quite a while and out comes lovely drinking water.  On through the village and along beside the Canal to Fromista.  That was a 15k walk.

Yesterday from Fromista it was an 18k the whole walk was alongside the road with fields either side.  The walk took us through three wee areas, the first was a village called Poblacion de Campos, the nest two where more Arbergues and a cafe, Revenga de Campos and Villarmentero de Campos, past a rest area, Villalcazar de Sirga and 6k into Carrion de los Condes.  Here we are stopping for a day for a festival