June 18th

4FAEB97F-4F64-4855-B39E-C27A179852C5307120A5-23D8-4962-82A6-BC7FAE2046CBToday the walk from Villafranca to Trabadelo was all along the roadside except for a wee detour though  Pereje. However saying that it was really lovely as there was mountains on both sides and you could hear the river running, once in a while you got a wee glimpse of the river. Really enjoyed the walk.  The picture of the view does not give it justice but gives you an idea of what we experienced.

Going to give myself a treat come Wednesday so keep tuned in find out what it is.

June 17th

53AA78AF-58DA-43A4-B8AB-25DDB6DA9C7442244304-C8DC-4A66-9E20-9AC4DAB67FFELeaving Cacabelos, we started off beside the road for quite a while.  Once off the road it was a nice walk mainly gradual uphill except for a couple of steep hills.  I have put in a picture of the lovely views we had.  We passed through Las Angustias and Valtuille de Arriba (where silly me went the wrong way for about 1/5a k).  4.5k later into Villafranca del Bierzo.  Nice town with of course a lot of history.

The week coming up is going to be in the 30’s so just going to do around 10k per day.

June 16th

7D86132D-66EA-46F9-AB2D-D953EACE8D238CB7634C-DB0F-4AF4-9B23-624D432E65E8That is Ronnie looking to find out where we needed to go to the hostel we booked.  Leaving Ponferrada, going through Compostilla, Columbrianos, Fuentes Nuevas, camponarays and into Cacabelos a welcome site.

This is a picture from our bedroom window.  There is a bath in this room (a wee treat) and I am going to soak for a long time.  I have found I have muscles I didn’t know I had after the last couple of days going downhill.

June 15th

9B8B2D50-DEEC-4FCD-BE17-5775EC4C9374EB1EE044-56EB-4725-AE90-8AF0D4E0900DSo today was another long walk.  After yesterday’s 16.5, kinda hoped to do just 10 or 12k but no…it was 18k.  Left Acebo at 6:45 to get a good start on the day.  It is harder walking once the sun get up.  The first village is really lovely with very little decaying buildings, it was Riego de Ambros.  On to Monlinaseca the time between Acebo and Monlinaseca was mainly downhill, the first picture is the sort of way we had to go, if not like that then very rocky.  It is kind of a shame as you are so busy looking where you are going you really don’t see much else.  The rest of the way to Ponferrada was up and Down, then really up into the city.  The second picture is of the castle and a bit of the Iron Bridge (Pons Ferrara) in the city.

June 14th

5F70EC9A-4C18-40EF-9415-0D792DFDB1FF6254BEC2-3850-4529-9F0B-F1362A32B0B1Today we left Rabanal, above sea level at 1200m climbing to the cross at 1505m, through the village of Foncebadon.

At the cross I put 5 stones (first picture). These represent the following: the first stone, from Spain, was for the health of Joe, Peggy and Michael,  the second stone, from Ardtalnaig, was for Anne’s Parishes, Ardtalnaig and the Community,  the third stone, from Shetland, was for Dementia Research,  the fourth stone, from Grete, was for all pilgrims before, now and future, the fifth stone, bought at the Kelpies for this very purpose, was for all our family and friends.  A prayer was said as each stone was layed down.

Going forward more climbing to the highest point of the Camino 1515m, then down and I mean down to 1000m, quite steep and very rocky.  Arriving at Acebo.

June 13th

DFC26853-42FC-4EDA-9236-866A17278B82M1613067E-541A-4D50-8F34-8D9EB0C2EE06Left Santa Catalina, the walk was not bad until the last 2k, and even then it was only for about 1k which was over rocks and tree roots.  Just before the last 2k came across this guy with a falcon who takes pictures for a donation for children’s cancer.  You can notice Ronnie is pictured with a partridge in a cage…who is the bravest of them all????. We are staying the night at El Acebo.

Tomorrow takes us up to the highest point also have to do 16.5k

June 12th

A760E2FF-1849-47E4-87F8-D68F815E27B3We met a lovely gentleman from Montreal, Canada today at Santo Catalina after walking a very easy, gradual walk from Astorga.  It was great to speak to someone who was walking the Camino for the fourth time and he gave us so much good advice.  Jean was such a gentleman and also gave a very generous donation to Dementia Research.  People like Jean make this walk, and the difficult moments worth the time and effort we are making…..Thank you Jean.