June 15th

9B8B2D50-DEEC-4FCD-BE17-5775EC4C9374EB1EE044-56EB-4725-AE90-8AF0D4E0900DSo today was another long walk.  After yesterday’s 16.5, kinda hoped to do just 10 or 12k but no…it was 18k.  Left Acebo at 6:45 to get a good start on the day.  It is harder walking once the sun get up.  The first village is really lovely with very little decaying buildings, it was Riego de Ambros.  On to Monlinaseca the time between Acebo and Monlinaseca was mainly downhill, the first picture is the sort of way we had to go, if not like that then very rocky.  It is kind of a shame as you are so busy looking where you are going you really don’t see much else.  The rest of the way to Ponferrada was up and Down, then really up into the city.  The second picture is of the castle and a bit of the Iron Bridge (Pons Ferrara) in the city.

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