June 14th

5F70EC9A-4C18-40EF-9415-0D792DFDB1FF6254BEC2-3850-4529-9F0B-F1362A32B0B1Today we left Rabanal, above sea level at 1200m climbing to the cross at 1505m, through the village of Foncebadon.

At the cross I put 5 stones (first picture). These represent the following: the first stone, from Spain, was for the health of Joe, Peggy and Michael,  the second stone, from Ardtalnaig, was for Anne’s Parishes, Ardtalnaig and the Community,  the third stone, from Shetland, was for Dementia Research,  the fourth stone, from Grete, was for all pilgrims before, now and future, the fifth stone, bought at the Kelpies for this very purpose, was for all our family and friends.  A prayer was said as each stone was layed down.

Going forward more climbing to the highest point of the Camino 1515m, then down and I mean down to 1000m, quite steep and very rocky.  Arriving at Acebo.

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