June 11th

20FCA630-BD14-4958-9F18-B0B3E266B08333AAF3F4-80F7-4CDE-AA98-CDE802FCA4B1The walk today took us up and down quite a few times for 6k, then we reached the high place where you are welcome to partake of anything, fruit, coffee, cookies, etc. this is not a shop but a rest area.  If you want to make a donation that is up to you.  I had my picture taken with the guy who runs it, really nice man.  The rest of the journey was pretty flat.  Then you come across this cross and see two towns in the background, the foreground being San Justo de la Vega and at the back you see Astorga.  It doesn’t look too far but it is another 4 1/2k away.  Entering Astorga all is well…then the hill up past the Church, oh my goodness at that point I could have done without it, but onward and upward.  The Palace and the Cathedral are beautiful buildings.

Tomorrow starts the assent the the highest point, I should reach that on Thursday, so a good night sleep is definitely in order.

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