June 6th

E77B32AB-9189-4DD4-AA72-0D76541F515EE69E8BA7-3A91-4F9E-A7BF-2C0AEC11AF23So this was quite the day, our journey from Sahagun to El Burgo Ranero, where that funny picture of the building, which we do not know what it is for,  not much to see as it was all along the highway and the railway.  Anyway I sort of slipped and landed on my behind.  A really nice lady called an hostal and would you believe the owner got in his car and came and picked us up!!, I an absolutely fine just a wee bit sore, but will be fine after a nice shower and a nights sleep

We are in Mansilla de las Mulas.  The journey to León tomorrow, it is advised, also in the book, to take the bus as the traffic can be very dangerous.  This is something we will think about. (18k so we will see what we feel tomorrow)

One thought on “June 6th”

  1. I would suggest you the bus in and out of Leon, the footpath is beside road, and Leon is surrounded by industrial estates, spend the time in Leon itself, and see the cathedral, the parador etc., it’s a lovely place to stop


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