June 1st and 2nd

D2289506-3E41-4173-A6CC-C728A449618A1C8F7786-7AC0-4243-8981-97F0E0C9798ENot much to tell you about the walk the last couple of days.  From Itero de la Vega the walk took us to Boadilla del Camino, and that is where the well was there you turn the large wheel quite hard and for quite a while and out comes lovely drinking water.  On through the village and along beside the Canal to Fromista.  That was a 15k walk.

Yesterday from Fromista it was an 18k the whole walk was alongside the road with fields either side.  The walk took us through three wee areas, the first was a village called Poblacion de Campos, the nest two where more Arbergues and a cafe, Revenga de Campos and Villarmentero de Campos, past a rest area, Villalcazar de Sirga and 6k into Carrion de los Condes.  Here we are stopping for a day for a festival

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