Today, our baby boy’s, boy’s birthday

790C618F-1413-4179-B2EF-E20B3E369B20A717A2A4-C885-4410-822E-29B5BD0149B3So what can we say about today…. the walk was 12k from Villafranci to San Juan de Ortega.  I was very worried that I could not do 12k with no toilet, so we dcidd to get the bus to San Juan.  Have no idea what happened but no stop in San Juan and the next thing we knew we were in The big city of Burgos.  Now having said all this we were expecting to walk from San Juan to Cardenuela Riopico, but this did not happen, due to the bus not stopping.  So please forgive us the few k’s not walked, we will go on from here.

Mind you we walked throughout Burgos for miles, seeing the sites and looking for someplace to stay the night at a reasonable cost, found one eventually. ( I also got lost in the city, which did not help)

Look at the pub I am sitting at, six nations rugby, Scottish pub.  Love the pictures of Ronnie peeking under the arm of the policeman







you we walked miles throughout



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