All three days (14,15,16)

330FFEF4-2AAD-494D-8C0E-7CA562C4F41D20C7D97B-95D2-4766-ACAF-25AF81DDA7B70AFAFCD2-DD2B-4648-8879-A1D31E511F639CBA6E5F-D98B-4652-80ED-C560782075D4Leaving Estella we traveled in the cold, windy, drizzly weather.  Out first stop was at a forge where the guy did everything be hand, some lovely stuff.  Right next to him was Fuente del Vino,  I only put a dribble in the bottle for Ronnie to tast.  There was also Aqua so we filled our water bottles.  On through a nice wee villages, called Irache, Azqueta, Villamayor de Monjardín and then  onto what we thought was our bed for the night.  NOW silly us we thought we had booked into an hostel in a place called Cruce, which is not a village just a water fountain.  So we carried on and by 17.5k we were both done, I was feeling worse than ever.  God places people in misterious spots an up popped a mobile cafe with the owner closing up.  Eduardo gave us water and oranges and called a cab to take us the remaining 6k to Los Arcos. Did not even change,  pulled out sleeping bag and right into it.

Yesterday traveled through Sandol, Torres del Rio,  and into Viana.  By the time we reached Visnna I had to go to see the Doctor.  I really don’t know what I have but have just slept since getting here.  The mecication seems to be working so today is definitely a day off.  Tomorrow we are only going to do 8k

All is well with us, life is good

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