May 11th

9BECFE59-2665-4F78-80DE-0A4C3AA11C10313465DF-91A5-4B22-A21E-59B7602EAE9FOn May 11th we leftPuenta La Reina, crossing over the famous Queen’s Bridge, along the road to Maneru.  There we cane across a man squeezing fresh oranges from the back of his car with a manual squeezer.  The juice was lovely and very refreshing. Through the town past the graveyard and lovely vineyards.  We then keep going and arrive at Cirauqui with its beautiful Church.  We left the village through an arch and out onto Roman road and over a Roman bridge.

along the way we came to a spot that said to ring the bell so you could feel the vibration.  Walking along the Roman road we came across an Olive Garden, just past is a place of reflection and tranquility.  There for a donation you could get coffee, water, fruit, etc.  That is also where the sing was for the distance to Santiago.

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