Sunday May 6th

5EDA80C8-7D98-461E-853D-693599E34F1FThis picture was taken by Neil, he is trying to restore The Abbey of Eskerols and Ilarratz, the Parish Church of Santa Lucia.  We had a lovely 1/2 hour blether with him very interesting.  Some of the other sites we seen along the way were beautiful wild orchids, 20 caterpillars walking along head to tail, it actually looked like one unless you looked closely.

We left Larrasoana just after 8:00 this morning walking through many small villages into Basque Country walking to Zuriain, where we had sent our luggage but alas the hostel was closed today and they sent our backpacks on another 3 1/2k to Zabaldika to the Albergue Monastery.  Beautiful spot but what a climb up from the road only 250m especially since we were just about done by the time we got to the road.  We could have walked up the steep drive but we decided to go the pilgrims way.

Tomorrow we head for Pamplona.

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