July 3rd – Last Blog

248D1CAD-7012-437D-82BF-EEB948A25F1C1353AE4A-935E-4ECA-9AC3-A67D947A83C3We are in Lavacolla, having a bit of fun.  Our flight out is at 9:30 tonight to Madrid, then a 9 1/2 hour layover in Madrid airport for our flight to London.

We went to the Peregrino service at the Cathedral, very interesting though all in Spanish.  Took the bus to Lavacolla, typical us got of at the wrong bus stop, but got here eventually.

Now have a wee look at the picture of Ronnie, what do you think of his nose what looks like a nose on the statue, not to mention the beer in his had at 10:00am.  The picture of me is with my new bath.

We have had an amazing trip, some downs but many more ups.  Thanks to all who have supported us and given generously to Dementia Research.  If you have not donated and would like to here is the giving page information:


July 1st – Santiago de Compastelo

5AAD817D-6D04-4BAF-BFCB-2EAE46E82AF8842AA8B4-2EA0-43C6-B155-7C2954C26F3EWe did it, don’t really know how, but we did it.  And we did it on Canada Day.  Quite the city we have had a lovely time even though the thunderstorms. We are sitting having a well deserved drink.  Today we only walked 9k, but once we hit SAN Larzaro it seemed like a long way.  From Lavacolla we walked through San Marcos and Monte del Gozo.

The Cathedral is vey impressive as is the city in general. Tomorrow we hope to go to the 12:00 noon service at the Cathedral.


June 30th – Lavacolla

3800FA5E-FA1C-49C3-AA9E-2288F098C659We are officially in the Santiago district.  I forgot to mention yesterday we had lovely chicken wings for our supper.

Leaving O Pedrouzo and into Amenal, nice walk…then 3.5k uphill, did I say uphill for that is sure what I meant, to San Paio, quite nice after that just a wee hill and into Lavacolla.

Tomorrow is “D” day, we arrive in Santiago de Compastela.  Happy Canada Day!!!

June 29th – O Pedrouzo

2447BE7E-38BC-473B-9141-9AB642413795AE16FE61-92F7-4E41-945D-BCAD074799F3A nice walk today, mainly downhill.  Went through a couple of farming hamlets and wee villages O Empalme and the lovely village of A Rua, into Pedrouza.  Having said that walked 2k more than needed as kind of went off on a different route.  There is a lot of chicken statues in different towns, I think this is to do with The hen and the rooster miracle in Calzada (ask me about the story).  There is so many stories we have heard or read about different places as we have walked.  Really great.

June 28th – Salceda

83A82EC9-931E-440E-9A4F-96B0F128955FF637F872-17ED-48AC-A643-87A96C6C0C58Today was from Arzua to Salceda.  Mainly uphill, it’s amazing how at the beginning uphill was really hard yet today although I still took it easy I did not have to stop.  We went through a few hamlets and villages again can only tell you what the book says as no names and a lot more than stated.  So as far as I know we went through Tabernacle Velha, A Calle and ended up at Salceda, yet where we are staying the owner said the area used to be A Calle.  So goodness knows where we really are but it is a beautiful spot. (Would be a great resort).

The whirlpool was wonderful on my feet and the pictures of Ronnie is with a swan made out of a car tyre.  (Had to get this picture for our Swan family)


June 27th – Arzua

From Melide the walk took us through Boente, Castaneda, Ribodiso and into Arzua.  Not a lot to say about the walk except in Spain what goes down must go up.  Three quite steep hills, but made it.  It seems to be easier than in the beginning although loose time going up and make time going down.

Four more days to go…July 1st celebration day.

We would like to take this time to thank our Children for their financial and emotional support.D333E516-B277-4216-BD67-73773F6D85F36C368A5A-237F-4606-8F0F-B8E727C2B49C

June 26th – Melide

A801DB66-A021-44A5-8AC5-C2052E2941DC614343CF-DBA8-489B-B275-6B090600A2A5The walk today took us from Palas de Rei to Melide.  Going through Casanova, O Coto and Furelos Ponte Valhalla.  It is very difficult to know exactly where you are as most of the places do not have names.  When going along this shell as in a bar/cafe, just had to get a picture.  The cross Ronnie is standing at is the oldest cross in Galicia, built in the 14 century.   Crucero do Melide which means Christ in Majesty.  This can be seen in Melide.

June 24th – Ventas de Naron

AE84A69D-8C1E-4577-BED1-C9A17E281255C3CF0707-FC42-4BEA-8574-DDC4E0B12F97Started off with a nice mist, although didn’t leave until 7:40 (bad move).  On through Gonzar, not that bad uphill just went slowly.  After Gonzar the sun came out and we had to go up a very steep hill then gradually up after that through Castromaior and Hospital de la Cruz very little Shade and the sun beating down at 32. Very pleased when we reached Ventas de Naron, it is amazing what a nice cool shower can do to raise the old spirits.

June 23rd – Portomarin

25FB1F3D-163C-45B8-9948-57F73E8264B95864B629-8BAE-4E51-ACD9-3779195ECDFCFrom Sarria we passed through the farming hamlets of Barbadelo, Cruce, Peruscallo, Morgade and Ferreiros.  This is where we had our last stamp put into our original Camino passport.  Once you are at the 100k mark you must have two stamps in the Camino passport for every day you walk.  From there walked through Mercadoiro, Vilacha and onto Portomarin.  Walking over the bridge I thought I saw stairs but after yesterday’s stairs at Sarria, I said no can’t be…but yes it was.  So after 23k the thought of the stairs was not appealing but had to be done, then up the hill to where we are staying.